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How to pronounce pal in English


Examples from movies with Pal

She's a peach, she's a doll She's a pal of mine
Coraline - Coraline's Other Parents
- Okay, pal? What do you think? - Put the glass down.
Sideways - Miles Makes a Scene
Well, I wouldn't be too sure, pal.
Twins - Not Identical Twins
You're orderin' me out? You better get your own fuckin' army, pal.
Casino - Meeting in the Desert
Well, I ain't exactly lactating right now, pal.
Ice Age - Where's the Baby?
I hired an old casino pal, Billy Sherbert, as my manager and I went to work.
Casino - The Count Room
You got it! You got another one right there. That's another one, pal.
The Breakfast Club - Eat My Shorts
...when my pal Warren Beatty comes in.
Argo - A Fake Movie
Got your pocketbook. Get a job, pal.
Mr. Deeds - A Lady in Distress
You want the red or the blue, pal?
Zootopia - Popsicle
Oh, boy. I'm sorry, pal.
Zootopia - Popsicle
You're going to live, pal.
Equals - Bug
- How are you doing, pal? How do you like New York so far? - It's my kind of town.
Look Who's Talking - That's Breast Milk

Audio pronunciation of Pal

American pronunciation

Pal pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Pal pronounced by Joanna (female)
Pal pronounced by Kendra (female)
Pal pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Pal pronounced by Salli (female)
Pal pronounced by Joey (male)
Pal pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Pal pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Pal pronounced by Amy (female)
Pal pronounced by Emma (female)
Pal pronounced by Brian (male)