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Kehlani – First Position testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

First Position - Kehlani

parole da studiare

My cookie cutter not picture perfect

Unexpected but I'm worth it

Could expose you to this life, if that's what you like

Explore your thoughts, stop actin' scared

I could see you watching let me take it there

Let me show you what it's like, to fuck with something right

Girl let me put you on with something real

Wanna show you how it feels, to rock with something trill

So come join me in this room girl it's time

I know what you like baby, let me get you right

Oh na na, let me put you on

Oh na na na, let me put you on

Said she wanna try it, ain't tryna hide it

Fuck all of that fightin', ain't doin' no more lyin'

I start off slow so you feel secure

Just let me know where you feel it more