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Kehlani – Get Away testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Get Away - Kehlani

parole da studiare

Don't let it go, let it go

Don't let it slip away

Every man wants a queen

Like Jada in her prime 1990's fine

Gotta match his fly like something from a dream, or movie script

When you kiss her lips, should feel something like this

All of a sudden music's playing in the background

Not just any music talking Mr. Soul Child

Sparks will fly when lips first touch

All of these doubts get left in the dust

Heat of the moment so no one to judge, no one to judge

So tonight you should go and take a chance with her

She could be everything you wanted, everything you wanted boy

Don't let that get away

Don't let that slip away

Don't let that love escape

Don't let that get, don't let that get away, don't let that