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Kehlani – Hold Me By The Heart testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Hold Me By The Heart - Kehlani

parole da studiare

Wasn't sure I'd be alright

Wasn't sure I'd be okay again

Didn't know how to take flight

Wings broken couldn't seem to bend

Somehow you came and like the wind, you picked me up for good

And now I know what I have missed, I've been thinking that you should

Pick up the pieces

Help me learn to stand

Lift me from the ground and use your hands

To hold me by the heart

Tell me I'll be whole again

Hold me by the heart

Tell me it will never end

'Cause I've begun to think that

I was nothing short of broken

So baby, hold me by the heart (hold me by the heart)

Help me fly again

Always read all the fairytales

Always knew that it would come

Through the pain I convinced myself