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Kehlani – How We Do Us (ft. Kyle Dion) testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

How We Do Us (ft. Kyle Dion) - Kehlani

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Love shouldn't be defined

Love is one of a kind

What we do is crazy baby

All the ways you make me feel

The way you do me like that

The way you do me like that

We just understand what nobody else can

You know how to put it down

How to pick me up and never cause me stress

Every day's a rush

You always cracking jokes and always make me blush

I could stand the world if it was just us

Every day you love me so

Never let you go

When I say it's on you'll never tell me no

That's love baby

That's us baby

You know ain't explaining all this love we making

They think that we're crazy but it's us

Cause this is how we do us baby

This is how we do us baby

Don't you hate it when they get to asking all them questions 'bout the way we rockin'

Like, we gotta have a separate title or something

Gotta be on TV like the idols or something