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Angielska wymowa słowa order

  • order
  • kolejność
  • porządek
  • rozkaz
  • obstalunek
  • polecenie
  • nakazanie
  • ład
  • zakon
  • klasa
  • szyk
  • przekaz
  • zapotrzebowanie
  • bieg
  • instrukcja
  • zgromadzenie się
  • warstwa społeczna
  • stalunek
  • następstwo
  • dyslokacja
  • hasło
  • zamawiać
  • nakazać
  • uporządkować
  • polecić
  • uszeregować
  • kazać
  • regulować
  • uregulować
  • rozkazać komuś coś zrobić
  • zrządzić

Przykłady z filmów ze słowem Order

And an order of Whammy fries and, me see... a Choco-Wham shake.
Falling Down - The Customer is Always Right
I know what you order, and I know on Wednesdays you go to that dim sum parlor.
The Fisher King - The Greatest Thing Since Spice Racks
I didn't order you or anybody. I only told Andy Stone
Casino - Meeting in the Desert
I got a restraining order on her and she don't care nothing about that.
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
and she don't care about no restraining order or not.
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
How you gonna have a restraining order, man, on your girl?
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
I got a restraining order on her fat ass too.
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
You got a restraining order on a little girl named Baby D?
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
The board does take on order. Soon, all the moves are predictable.
Pi - Go Board
there is a pattern, an order underlying every Go game.
Pi - Go Board
I understand. Well, look, in order to do that,
Beetlejuice - We're Simpatico
It's nice to see a girl order a real meal.
Shallow Hal - Lunch With Rosemary
I can't stand it when you guys order a glass of water and a crouton.
Shallow Hal - Lunch With Rosemary
- Yeah. I'd like to place an order. - What do you like?
Dude, Where's My Car? - And Theeennn...
In order for this all to work, you need to completely let me in.
Inception - The Most Skilled Extractor
or, ''Pardon me, Dr. Patterson, but your flatulence has no order''?
Patch Adams - You Treat a Person
Uh, now, the way I see it, we need $650 million in order to...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
In order to get the rest of the money, we're gonna have to...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
Tab? I can't give you a tab unless you order something.
Back to the Future - You're George McFly!
which gives the dean unlimited power to preserve order...
Animal House - Double Secret Probation
In-N-Out Burger. May I take your order please?
Fletch Lives - Fletch Quits
Exactly. I'd like to see somebody else order that many cookies.
Despicable Me - CookieBots

Wymowa dźwiękowa słowa Order

Wymowa amerykańska

Order wymawia Ivy (dziecko, dziewczyna)
Order wymawia Joanna (kobieta)
Order wymawia Kendra (kobieta)
Order wymawia Kimberly (kobieta)
Order wymawia Salli (kobieta)
Order wymawia Joey (mężczyzna)
Order wymawia Justin (dziecko, chłopiec)
Order wymawia Matthew (mężczyzna)

Wymowa brytyjska

Order wymawia Amy (kobieta)
Order wymawia Emma (kobieta)
Order wymawia Brian (mężczyzna)