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Angielska wymowa słowa pictures

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Przykłady z filmów

so I used to turn their fuckin' pictures all around.
Casino - Dominick & the Desperadoes
Ooh, you even cuter than your baby pictures.
Next Friday - Auntie Suga
pieces of paper with pictures on it
Margin Call - It's Just Money
anything that if we find him, we'll get our pictures in the paper.
Stand by Me - The Body
You walk around with your pictures of your wife,
Warrior - Forgiveness
But it wasn't because they saw pictures of hot girls,
The Social Network - Putting It Online
you can go anywhere on the internet and see pictures of hot girls.
The Social Network - Putting It Online
Because they saw pictures of girls that they knew.
The Social Network - Putting It Online
so why not build a website that offers them friends, pictures, profiles
The Social Network - Putting It Online
Can you show me pictures of your black friends on your phone?
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
You... You want to see pictures on my phone of my black friends?
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
There are just too many pictures of you, too many films.
Notting Hill - Just a Girl
Clearly, whoever paid you to take pictures of me is the one who put us here.
Saw - It Was Tapp
I don't have to look at pictures of your artisanal cappuccinos every morning.
The DUFF - Unfriended
If you push images, then we can see pictures of virgins.
What We Do in the Shadows - Not Eating Stu
That's right. You've been doing our pictures for a long time.
One Hour Photo - Uncle Sy
there'd be pictures of our tits all over the Internet.
Girls Trip - Inappropriate White Friend
She doesn't care about school. Only thing she can read are pictures.
Yours, Mine and Ours - Monkey in the Middle
- But he got pictures. - So what? I don't give a fuck what he's got.
Death at a Funeral - Aaron's Eulogy
Talking 'bout she want me to bring some baby pictures of Jason
Jumping the Broom - Strike One