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Como se pronúncia advantage

  • vantagem
  • proveito
  • benefício
  • superioridade
  • prol
  • predominância
  • defesa
  • imposição
  • beneficiar
  • favorecer
  • ser vantajoso

Exemplos de filmes

I don't want her taken advantage of.
Chinatown - A Respectable Man
First you take a low, common advantage of me, then you insult me.
Gone with the Wind - Scarlett Meets Rhett
Not that I've taken much advantage of it yet.
Match Point - Scoring a Date
- Marshal Cogburn and I are fine. - It'll be to our mutual advantage.
True Grit - I'm a Texas Ranger
He does have one tactical advantage over the West.
The Interview - They're Honeypotting Us
and you may be tempted to take advantage of that.
The English Teacher - About Jason
Your stinky-ass dog took advantage of my sweet little girl.
The Choice - Knocked Up