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Como se pronúncia advice

  • conselho
  • aviso
  • recomendação
  • opinião
  • informação

Exemplos de filmes

I simply took him off his advice, But now I fear you may be too jocular.
Wild Card - What Are Your Qualifications?
Anyway, I can see you're far more in need of responsible advice
An Education - Hard and Boring
We should be taking advice from you, Miss Cole.
Hitch - Shock and Awe
My advice to you is to do what your parents did!
The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude
So thanks for the advice. That went horribly.
She's Out of My League - Honesty
You know what I think of your bullshit advice?
The Score - Heist Confrontation
Hey, some advice, okay? Just don't point your fucking finger at crazy people!
Girl, Interrupted - Ice Cream and Crazy People
You asked my advice, and I gave it to you! - I'm sorry.
The Secret of NIMH - Medicine from Mr. Ages