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Como se pronúncia such

  • assim
  • semelhante
  • tão grande
  • certo
  • certa
  • desta maneira
  • tão bom
  • de modo que
  • tão mau

Exemplos de filmes com Such

I-I-I don't understand. This is such a shock. What's wrong ?
Superstar - Sky Breaks Up with Evian
There's no such thing as an "uncle Steve".
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
‘Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
8 Mile - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc
If there's such a thing as too much fun
Crazy Heart - Fallin' and Flyin'
Only they were disemboweled in such a meticulous fashion.
From Hell - Paying the Ferryman
if you weren't such a bitch, we'd feel sorry for you.
Wanted - Wesley's Breakdown
Well, I... I suddenly felt such a fool.
Vertigo - Wandering Together
Well, I was in such a state of shock...
Chicago - Cell Block Tango
If it wouldn't be a waste of such a damn fine enlisted man,
Forrest Gump - Bubba on Shrimp
When did the term ''doctor'' get treated with such reverence, as
Patch Adams - You Treat a Person
And I was such a dumb kid
54 - New Bus Boy
I'm so glad you guys could come in on such short notice.
Bad Santa - My F*** Stick
God, they totally threw me. They were such...
Red Eye - Reservation Emergency
Let's just face it. There's no such thing as a sexy George, all right?
Easy A - A Sexy George?
I'm the executor of your aunt's will and as such I can inform you...
Fletch Lives - Fletch Quits
There's no such thing as watermelon-flavored fried chicken.
Barbershop: The Next Cut - Unequal Opportunity
You're such a fucking cocksucker coming over here.
The Fighter - Making Things Right
There's such an amazing series of obstacles...
Spy Kids - Marriage is a Mission
What exactly would it take for one to tame such an adventurous slut?
Your Highness - The Fair Isabel
No, no, no. There's no such thing as a stupid question.
Fido - Dead or Alive?

Pronúncia de áudio de Such

Pronúncia americana

Such pronunciado por Ivy (criança, garota)
Such pronunciado por Joanna (feminino)
Such pronunciado por Kendra (feminino)
Such pronunciado por Kimberly (feminino)
Such pronunciado por Salli (feminino)
Such pronunciado por Joey (masculino)
Such pronunciado por Justin (criança, garoto)
Such pronunciado por Matthew (masculino)

Pronúncia britânica

Such pronunciado por Amy (feminino)
Such pronunciado por Emma (feminino)
Such pronunciado por Brian (masculino)