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How to pronounce room in English


Examples from movies with Room

Mr Grey, your next meeting is in the conference room
Fifty Shades of Grey - A Little Curious
- This is The Belly Room, and this is where it all started.
Road to Roast Battle: Los Angeles - Uncensored
- But when a joke kills up here in the Belly Room, it's thunder.
Road to Roast Battle: Los Angeles - Uncensored
I'm skilled at commanding the attention of a room, and discussing very important issues.
Legally Blonde - Harvard Video Essay
Why not? It's a room with a ceiling. Come on, come on.
Lost in America - Quit Your Job
Isn't it wonderful, Hogarth? We finally rented our room.
The Iron Giant - Giant Problems
We have room. I think we have room.
Neighbors - Baby's First Rave
and into the most sacred room in the casino.
Casino - The Count Room
the holy of holies - the count room.
Casino - The Count Room
The guys inside the counting room
Casino - The Count Room
Now, notice how in the count room nobody ever seems to see anything.
Casino - The Count Room
So we went to my room, and guess what he showed me?
Sisters - Very Different Diaries
A week later his mom cleaned out his room and threw away the map.
Stand by Me - The Body
How many pennies do you think it would take to fill this room?
Abandon - Tell Us About Yourself
Most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room
Dirty Dancing - Dance With Me
I thought this could be our meeting room.
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice Forever
Well, this guy can stay in my room, I'll tell you that much.
Billy Madison - Billy at Dinner
Sorry. I thought this was my dressing room.
Soapdish - Script Changes
Be in the room. Concentrate.
Hitch - Shock and Awe
I mean, I'd like to see anybody in this room
Hitch - Shock and Awe

Audio pronunciation of Room

American pronunciation

Room pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Room pronounced by Joanna (female)
Room pronounced by Kendra (female)
Room pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Room pronounced by Salli (female)
Room pronounced by Joey (male)
Room pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Room pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Room pronounced by Amy (female)
Room pronounced by Emma (female)
Room pronounced by Brian (male)