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Pronuncia di science in Inglese

  • scienza
  • di scienza
  • scientifico

Esempi da film

and he desires to learn martial science, too.
Bloodsport - Young Frank Dux
Yes, but what do you mean by martial science?
Bloodsport - Young Frank Dux
You use science to make vines grow better.
Bloodsport - Young Frank Dux
Martial science provides a way of training.
Bloodsport - Young Frank Dux
Question number four. In the history of science,
WarGames - Asexual Reproduction
I'm working on a science fiction novel.
Mother - Shopping
Argo. A science-fantasy adventure."
Argo - A Fake Movie
And Haley Heller, the twelfth-grade science prodigy.
Down to You - First Real Kiss
It's quite a message, science and faith all in one.
Angels & Demons - Science and Faith
It's not an exact science, this business.
The Mummy - Dr. Jekyll
ITC is constantly advancing itself in science.
Timeline - We Discovered a Worm Hole
Your new science officer concealed her identity to board the ship.
Star Trek Into Darkness - Carol is Revealed
you've not only become an expert in rocket science,
October Sky - Homer Proves His Innocence
You do intend to enter the county science fair, do you not?
October Sky - Homer Proves His Innocence
Every paper in Paris has the story, including the Christian Science Monitor.
A Shot in the Dark - Dreyfus Cracks
He's setting the science of criminal investigation back 1,000 years.
A Shot in the Dark - Dreyfus Cracks
Maybe if you simply relabeled the bottle "Science Clean."
The Guilt Trip - I'm Not Changing the Label!