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Como se pronúncia called

  • chamado

Exemplos de filmes

Dark Annie, they called her. You still say this isn't the Nichols boys?
From Hell - Paying the Ferryman
It's called "My Claw ln Your Butt" game.
Garfield - Odie Saves Garfield
The other day, Crash called a woman's pu... pussy...
Bull Durham - Annie Seduces Nuke
Well, he called it the Bermuda Triangle.
Bull Durham - Annie Seduces Nuke
Remember when you called him that night and you said good-bye to him?
Casino - Lester Diamond
whose evidence has not only been called into serious question...
To Kill a Mockingbird - Mayella's Guilt
I got firecrackers thrown at my head. They called me a freak.
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
Remember that thing we had about 30 years ago called the Korean Conflict?
Back to School - Professor Terguson Loses It
In french, she would be called la renard.
Wayne's World - Baberaham Lincoln
In latin, she would be called babia majora.
Wayne's World - Baberaham Lincoln
Being called a cocksucker isn't personal?
Road House - Three Simple Rules
And now your favorite people are so called niggers.
Do the Right Thing - Racist Stereotypes
Anyway, Minister Farakhan always talks about the so-called day...
Do the Right Thing - Racist Stereotypes
And the lettering is something called Silian Rail.
American Psycho - Business Cards
I should have called in sick Shit, I had somethin' to do
8 Mile - The Lunch Truck
- And your mother called. - I'm on vacation.
Liar Liar - Big Liar
I don't know what he's called exactly, but he's a little guy.
Bad Santa - My F*** Stick