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Mariah Carey – Heartbreaker (Remix, feat. Da Brat & Missy El.. şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Heartbreaker (Remix, feat. Da Brat & Missy El.. - Mariah Carey

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Blazing hip hop and R&B

DJ Clue, Desert Storm

New Mariah

Often immitated, never duplicated

Whatever, look they can't do it like though


Just play the record, Clue

Guess who's back in the motherf*ckin' house

With two big tigglebitties for your mouth

Heartbreakers must partake in the sensation

So So Def and Clue hits in the making

Oh, guess who's driving the 5 double o

Like Yipi Yi Yipi Yo yeah

When I talk smack y'all better skip back

Like here we go, cause the bitch don't play

Ooh, your love's so good

I don't wanna let go

And although I should

I can't leave you alone

Cause you're so disarming

I'm caught up in the midst of you

And I cannot resist at all

Boy if I do

The things you want me to

The way I used to do

Would you love (love) me (me) baby

Or leave me feeling used

Would you go and break my heart

Heartbreaker you've got the best of me

But I just keep coming back incessantly (Keep comin boy, oh why)

Oh why did you have to run your game on me (Did you)

I should of known right from the start

(I shoulda known right from the start you'd go and break my heart)

You'd go and break my heart

I need someone to give me some real love [4x]