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Mariah Carey – I Stay In Love şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

I Stay In Love - Mariah Carey

Şarkı Sözleri
çalışılacak sözcükler

Oh baby

Baby, I stay in love with you

Dying inside 'cause I can't stand it

Make or break up

Can't take this madness

We don't even really know why

All I know is baby

I try and try so hard

To keep our love alive

If you don't know me at this point

Then I highly doubt you ever will

I really need you to give me

That unconditional love I used to feel

It's a mistake if we just erase it

From our hearts and minds and I know

We said let go

But I kept on hanging on

Inside I know it's over

You're really gone

It's killing me

'cause there ain't nothing

That I can do

Baby, I stay in love with you

And I keep on telling myself

That you'll come back around

And I try to front like "Oh well"

Each time you let me down

See I can't get over you now