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Mariah Carey – Migrate (feat. T-Pain) şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Migrate (feat. T-Pain) - Mariah Carey

Şarkı Sözleri
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Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

Keep it movin... Bounce

Keep it movin... Bounce

Keep it movin... Bounce

Keep it movin... Bounce

Once again nothin' jumpin' up in yo place,

Sick of your berry buzzin' all in my face,

Way too much to tolerate,

Time to roll,

Y'all know I gots to migrate.

Speed dial connecting me to Rae-Rae (Hey)

Click in Shawntae and Mae-Mae (Hey)

Treat it as a holiday,

Cause he's a wrap,

Y'all know I had to migrate.

See I'm on my way home,

Cause my jeans, yeah they fit,

But it might benefit

Me to throw something on,

To feature my hips,

Accentuate my ****

And steal the show.

Soon as we walk through the door,

Fellas be grabbin' at us like yo,

Tryin' to get us going off the Patron,

We sippin' Grigio... slow.

If your neck and your wrist coordinate,

Hair braided or faded okay,

We can move this back to my place,

It's time to migrate.

From my car into the club we migrate,

From the bar to V.I.P. we migrate,

From the party to the after party, migrate,

After party to hotel, migrate.

As we proceed getting buzzed,

The envious ones,

Hatin' but they can't take they eyes off us,

But we don't see none of that,

They playin' my jam,

And the floor is packed,

So ya'll need to migrate up out the door.

We clickin' glasses,

Compliments of the club,