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Mariah Carey – Through The Rain (Remix) (feat. Joe and Kelly.. şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Through The Rain (Remix) (feat. Joe and Kelly.. - Mariah Carey

Şarkı Sözleri
çalışılacak sözcükler

When you get caught

In the pouring rain

With nowhere to run

Without anyone and you

Get a little bit frightened

Cause you've lost your way home

But through all the thunder and lightening

Just keep praying and keep

Saying to yourself

Yes I can, yes I can

I'll make it through the rain

I'll stand up once again

On my own and I know

That I'm strong and in time

I can mend

When I'm afraid

I hold tighter to my faith

Live another day longer

And I make it through the rain

And if you keep on falling down

Don't you dare give in