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Como se pronúncia decided

  • decidido
  • resolvido
  • determinado
  • nítido
  • inegável

Exemplos de filmes com Decided

Every week, Tyler gave the rules that he and I decided.
Fight Club - The First Rule of Fight Club
We've decided we're gonna finish what you're started, sir.
Coach Carter - Our Deepest Fear
They... They decided that they like you,
Knocked Up - Tighten Up
I decided to give them the day off.
Ever After - Contradictions
As a result, the firm has decided to liquidate
Margin Call - A Fire Sale
who's just decided to float off to Never-Never Land.
Serendipity - The Groom's Gift
Have you set a date? Have you decided on a church?
An Education - Hard and Boring
in 1904 the United States decided to throw a little weight around and
Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Spicoli Orders a Pizza
That was when I decided that I didn't want anything more to do with her.
The Descendants - Mom Was Cheating on You
The university I went to decided they needed to raise tuition.
The Other Guys - Gator the Pimp
decided they wanted to be a part of it.
The Other Guys - Gator the Pimp
We decided I shouldn't use my real name.
The Other Guys - Gator the Pimp
So, I decided to get on my bench grinder
Hot Rod - Trippin' Balls
I am so relieved that your mother decided not to cook the rehearsal dinner.
A Guy Thing - Crab Medicine
We decided to create our own special brand of suck.
My Dead Boyfriend - Joey from Hoboken
And then, for whatever reason, he decided he was into boats.
Charlie Bartlett - First Kiss
You suddenly decided to develop a conscience after all you've done?
Atomic Blonde - Truth and Lies
<i>decided to get out of there before I do anything stupid.</i>
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
and decided that I wanted to live in Coney Island.
Uptown Girls - Molly Opens Up
I've decided I don't want kids.
Good Boys - Stealing Beer

Pronúncia de áudio de Decided

Pronúncia americana

Decided pronunciado por Ivy (criança, garota)
Decided pronunciado por Joanna (feminino)
Decided pronunciado por Kendra (feminino)
Decided pronunciado por Kimberly (feminino)
Decided pronunciado por Salli (feminino)
Decided pronunciado por Joey (masculino)
Decided pronunciado por Justin (criança, garoto)
Decided pronunciado por Matthew (masculino)

Pronúncia britânica

Decided pronunciado por Amy (feminino)
Decided pronunciado por Emma (feminino)
Decided pronunciado por Brian (masculino)