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They're searching for the ball.
They're searching the ball.

In search of: The wolf goes in search of sheep. To search someone or something (without the for) means to look in one's pockets or house: The policeman searched the man and his house.

Kevin said me, 'Come tomorrow.'
Kevin said to me, 'Come tomorrow.'
Can you supply me all I need?
Can you supply me with all I need?

Also provide a person with: She provided her son with all he needed.

Young men dream glory and riches.
Young men dream of glory and riches.
He pointed to the map on the wall.
He pointed the map on the wall.
Also possible:
He pointed at the map on the wall.

Also point out: He pointed out the boy who did it. To point (without any preposition) means to direct: Don't point the gun this way.

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