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Errores frecuentes

Elige la opción correcta
The bank manager was sitting on his desk.
The bank manager was sitting at his desk.

Also sit at a table. But on a chair, on a bench, on a sofa, etc.; in an arm-chair, in a tree or up a tree. A bird sometimes perches {= sits) on a tree

He's very proud of his promotion.
He's very proud for his promotion.

We say take (a) pride in: A craftsman takes a pride in his work.

Their house is opposite to ours.
Their house is opposite from ours.

Opposite ours is also correct.

They were warned about the danger.
They were warned of the danger.

Use warn about for specific things: They warned us about the bumps in the road.

We warn a person against a fault: His teacher warned him against breaking the rules.

He plays regularly with that team.
He plays regularly for that team.
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