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Errori Comuni

Choose the correct option
I'll wait for you at the cinema
I'll wait you at the cinema.

Await takes no preposition: I'm awaiting your reply.

Think a number and then double it.
Think of a number and then double it.
I'll write her tomorrow.
I'll write to her tomorrow

When the direct object of write is expressed, omit the preposition: I'll write him a letter.

He pointed the map on the wall.
He pointed to the map on the wall.
Also possible:
He pointed at the map on the wall.

Also point out: He pointed out the boy who did it. To point (without any preposition) means to direct: Don't point the gun this way.

They're searching the ball.
They're searching for the ball.

In search of: The wolf goes in search of sheep. To search someone or something (without the for) means to look in one's pockets or house: The policeman searched the man and his house.


Sory, but this user can't accept your call now.

Sorry, but you can't call to this user.