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Lessons begin at eight and a half.
Lessons begin at half past eight.

In telling time, say half past one, half past two, half past three, etc.

Amelia bought the same bag that me.
Amelia bought the same bag as me.

After the same we use as unless it's followed by a subordinate clause, in which case we use that, or omit it: Mr Smith ordered the same meal (that) he ordered before.

Sometimes we use that instead of who or which after same: He wore the same clothes that he wore on Sunday.

They fell down and hurt theirselves.
They fell down and hurt themselves.

The reflexive pronouns, third person, are himself and themselves, and not hisself and theirselves.

Please give me one other book.
Please give me another book.

Another is formed from an and other, but instead of being written an other it's written as one word another.

Either of these two books is good.
Any of these two books is good.

Either means one or the other of two; any means one of three or more: Any of these books will do.

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