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Errores frecuentes

Elige la opción correcta
She is from the nicest girls I know.
She is one of the nicest girls I know.

Avoid using from in the sense of one of or among.

Him laughing at her was what made her angry.
His laughing at her was what made her angry.

When we use an -ing verb as a noun. the preceding noun or pronoun must be possessive.

It was him.
It was he.

The pronoun coming after the verb to be must be in the nominative case, and not in the objective in written composition. However, the objective case is now usually used in conversation: It's me, lt was him/her/them, etc.

Amy is taller than her brother.
Amy is taller from her brother.

Adjectives (or adverbs) in the comparative are followed by than and not by from.

This one looks more good than that.
This one looks better than that.

The adjectives good and bad have irregular forms of companson: good, better, best and bad, worse, worst.

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