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The rich have a duty to help the poors.
The rich have a duty to help the poor.

Adjectives can't take the plural form, even when they're used as nouns in the plural.

Nothing's left, all is lost.
Nothing's left, all are lost.

All meaning everything, takes a singular verb, all meaning everybody, takes a plural verb: All of us are present.

English are easier than German.
English is easier than German.

Names of languages are singular and always take a singular verb.

I don't like these kind of games.
I don't like this kind of game.
Also possible:
I don't like games of this kind.

The demonstrative word (this/that etc.) must agree with its noun. In the example, kind is singular and so this must agree with it.

That man has long hair.
That man has long hairs.

When we use hair to denote a single thread, the plural form is hairs: I found two long hairs in my food.

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