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Errores frecuentes

Elige la opción correcta
This errors are sometimes made by foreigners.
These errors are sometimes made by foreigners.

This changes to these if the noun that follows is in the plural.

Also avoid the use of this instead of the personal pronoun: John had the book but he gave this to his brother should be John had the book but he gave it to his brother.

Today I've many work to do.
Today I've many works to do.

The plural form works means a factory or the writings of an author: The works of Shakespeare are many. I visited the steel works.

There were thunders and lightnings.
There was thunder and lightning.

When only one thing is meant we say a clap of thunder and a flash or bolt of lightning.

Mathematics is not easy to learn.
Mathematics are not easy to learn.

The names of sciences and subjects ending in -ics (like mathematics, physics, politics, gymnastics) generally take a singular verb.

Many people lost their lives at sea.
Many people lost their life at sea.

In English, we use words like life, heart soul, body, mind in the plural when they refer to more than one person.