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They replaced gold with paper money.
They substituted gold with paper money

We replace one thing with another, but we substitute one thing for another. The two phrases mean the reverse of each other: You replace gold with paper money. You substitute paper money for gold.

The examiner made me sit quietly until everyone had finished.
The examiner let me sit quietly until everyone had finished.

Don't use let in the sense of make, meaning to force.

I must take revenge for what he did to me!
I must avenge myself for what he did to me!

Avenge and revenge oneself are now only found in literary English. We usually use take revenge (on). We might also say: He must have his revenge.

A sandstorm dusted our clothes.
A sandstorm covered our clothes with dust.

To dust doesn't mean to cover with dust, but to remove dust from: After sweeping, she dusted the furniture.

Clare took a good mark in chemistry.
Clare got a good mark in chemistry.

To take means to obtain something intentionally or by force: I took a book from the library, The army took the city. To get or to receive means to obtain something which is given such as a gift, a letter, money, or a mark in an exam

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