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Do you like to see my collection?
Do you want to see my collection?

Do you like to do something? means do you enjoy doing it as a habitual action. Do you want to do something? means do you wish to do it now.

I would/'d like means I want: I would/'d like (= I want) to play tennis today. Would you like (= do you want) to go for a walk with me? Would/'d like is more polite than want.

The bowl is made from glass.
The bowl is made of glass.
The statue is made of marble.
The statue is made from marble.

We usually use of when you can still recognise the original material. We use from when the original materials are unrecognisable. In most cases either is possible.

I am persuaded of Robin's innocence.
I am convinced of Robin's innocence.

Persuade and convince have very similar meanings and are mostly interchangeable in modern English: Delia persuaded me to take the exam = Delia convinced me to take the exam. Except in the case of to be convinced of something meaning to believe something.

Care must be taken not to confuse persuade with pursued, the past tense of pursue (= to follow).

This book deals with common errors.
This book deals in common errors.
A bookseller deals in books.
A bookseller deals with books.

To deaf with means to have to do with, to deal in means to buy and sell

To deal with also means to take action on a matter: The headmaster will deal with that question.

Kevin is learning at Gordon College.
Kevin is studying at Gordon College.

The expression I learn at (Gordon College, etc.) is incorrect. Say I study at (Gordon College, etc.) or I am a student at (Gordon College, etc.).

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