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I come here for learning English.
I come here to learn English.

Express purpose by using the infinitive, not the gerund.

I don't like red or orange. I want the blue one.
I don't like red and orange. I want the blue one.

The meaning of the first sentence is that you don't like the two colours together. The intended meaning is that you don't like either of them, even separately.

If we join clauses with different subjects, we use and even after a negative: He didn't write to me and I was worried.

I asked Paul whether he was going.
I asked Paul if he was going.

Where or not is implied, use whether, not if. Unlike whether, if does not expect a Yes or No reply: I shall speak to him if he comes.

According to my opinion, she's right.
In my opinion, she's right.

Avoid using the phrase as I think instead of I think. Say: He's lazy and I think he'll fail, not as I think.

Either of these two books is good.
Any of these two books is good.

Either means one or the other of two; any means one of three or more: Any of these books will do.

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