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Genel hatalar

Choose the correct option
She is from the nicest girls I know.
She is one of the nicest girls I know.

Avoid using from in the sense of one of or among.

I spend my holidays in a country.
I spend my holidays in the country.

A country is a place like France, India, or Egypt. The country is a rural area where there are no towns or cities.

The window of her room is open.
Her room's window is open.

With inanimate objects we usually use the of structure. The door of the car. The leg of the table. The surface of the water. With the names of places and organisations we can use either: London's streets = The streets of London. Italy's climate. = The climate of Italy. The school's main office = The main office
of the school.

However, we do say: a day's work, a night's rest, a week's holiday, a pound's worth, etc., especially with similar measures of time.

One day they went sight-seeing in Florence.
A day they went sight-seeing in Florence.

Use one (not a or an) with day, night, morning, afternoon and evening, when the one means on a certain...

English isn't easy to learn.
English isn't easy to be learned.

The adjectives easy, difficult, hard, heavy, good, etc., are generally followed by the active infinitive.

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