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John is the tallest of the two boys.
John is the taller of the two boys.

Use the comparative when two people or things are compared.

Michael and I are here.
Michael and myself are here.

Use the personal pronouns I, you, he, etc , if no emphasis is necessary.

Use the -self pronouns in two ways: 1) for emphasis:. She herself was hurt, 2) reflexively She hurt herself.

The cinema likes me very much.
I like the cinema very much.

The cinema appeals to me is correct, and means I like the cinema very much.

She says she's not afraid of nobody.
She says she's not afraid of anybody.
Also possible:
She says she's afraid of nobody.

In English, two negatives are equal to an affirmative statement. You should avoid using two negative words in the same clause: when not is used, none changes to any, nothing to anything, nobody to anybody, no one to anyone, nowhere to anywhere, neither ... nor to either ... or.

Sara speaks neither English or French.
Sara speaks neither English nor French.

Neither must be followed by nor and not by or. Either is followed by or: She drinks either orange juice or apple juice.

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