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It's the best which I've seen.
It's the best that I've seen.

Use the relative that (not who, whom, or which) after a superlative. It can, however, be omitted.

She disappeared from the house.
She was disappeared from the house.

As a rule, don't use intransitive verbs, like appear, seem, become, consist, in the passive form. Intransitive verbs don't have an object.

Lessons begin at eight and a half.
Lessons begin at half past eight.

In telling time, say half past one, half past two, half past three, etc.

As usually, he left his pen at home.
As usual, he left his pen at home.
She is from the nicest girls I know.
She is one of the nicest girls I know.

Avoid using from in the sense of one of or among.

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