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Często popełniane błędy

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It's a secret between you and me.
It's a secret between you and I.

Between is a preposition, and all prepositions take the objective case after them.

Cairo is the largest city in Africa.
Cairo is the larger city in Africa.

Use the superlative when more than two persons or things are compared.

Him laughing at her was what made her angry.
His laughing at her was what made her angry.

When we use an -ing verb as a noun. the preceding noun or pronoun must be possessive.

My sister is taller than me.
My sister is taller than I.
Also possible:
My sister is taller than I am.

The word than is a conjunction, and can only be followed by a pronoun in the nominative case. The verb coming after the pronoun is generally omitted.

Use the ob|ective case in spoken English. You're much taller than me.

He played well yesterday, isn't it?
He played well yesterday, didn't he?

Use the question phrase isn't it only when the preceding statement contains the word is: It is a hot day, isn't it?

In this form of question, use the same tense and person as in the preceding statement and use the correct auxiliary. If, however, the preceding statement is in the negative form, the question phrase omits not. We say:
1. They are on holiday, aren't they?
    They aren't on holiday, are they?
2. You speak English, don't you?
    You don't speak French; do you?

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