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Common mistakes

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English isn't easy to learn.
English isn't easy to be learned.

The adjectives easy, difficult, hard, heavy, good, etc., are generally followed by the active infinitive.

In my opinion, she's right.
According to my opinion, she's right.

Avoid using the phrase as I think instead of I think. Say: He's lazy and I think he'll fail, not as I think.

It's the best which I've seen.
It's the best that I've seen.

Use the relative that (not who, whom, or which) after a superlative. It can, however, be omitted.

Most people will agree with me
The more people will agree with me.

Use most (not the more) when you mean the majority of.

Use the more in sentences like: The more I complain, the more laugh. The more we write, the happier our tutor becomes.

Cairo is the larger city in Africa.
Cairo is the largest city in Africa.

Use the superlative when more than two persons or things are compared.

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