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Gyakori hibák

Choose the correct option
I like the cinema very much.
The cinema likes me very much.

The cinema appeals to me is correct, and means I like the cinema very much.

English isn't easy to learn.
English isn't easy to be learned.

The adjectives easy, difficult, hard, heavy, good, etc., are generally followed by the active infinitive.

In the afternoon I stay home.
In the afternoon I stay at home.

Use the phrase at home to mean in the house. With such verbs as come or go no preposition is necessary: He wants to go home.

Both of them didn't go to school today.
Neither of them went to school today.

Change both into neither in a negative sentence and use a positive verb.

I come here to learn English.
I come here for learning English.

Express purpose by using the infinitive, not the gerund.

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