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Gyakori hibák

Válassza ki a helyes lehetőséget
Neither of them went to school today.
Both of them didn't go to school today.

Change both into neither in a negative sentence and use a positive verb.

Most people will agree with me
The more people will agree with me.

Use most (not the more) when you mean the majority of.

Use the more in sentences like: The more I complain, the more laugh. The more we write, the happier our tutor becomes.

David slept well and was better the other day.
David slept well and was better the next day.
Also possible:
David slept well and was better on the following day.

The other day is an idiom meaning a few days ago: I met an old friend the other day.

Which of the two boys is the taller?
Who of the two boys is the taller?

Use the interrogative pronoun which? for both people and things, when it asks for one out of a definite number.

The interrogative pronoun what? doesn't imply choice: What's your telephone number? It's also used to ask for a person's profession. What's your father? - He's a lawyer.

The reason is that I believe it.
The reason is because I believe it.

The word reason denotes cause, therefore the reason is because is repetition. The correct idiom is the reason is that ...

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