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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
Lessons begin at eight and a half.
Lessons begin at half past eight.

In telling time, say half past one, half past two, half past three, etc.

They played football under the rain.
They played football in the rain.

Also in the sun and in the shade: He was sitting in the sun (or in the shade).

The more people will agree with me.
Most people will agree with me

Use most (not the more) when you mean the majority of.

Use the more in sentences like: The more I complain, the more laugh. The more we write, the happier our tutor becomes.

Both of them didn't go to school today.
Neither of them went to school today.

Change both into neither in a negative sentence and use a positive verb.

I spend my holidays in a country.
I spend my holidays in the country.

A country is a place like France, India, or Egypt. The country is a rural area where there are no towns or cities.