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Someone has robbed all her money.
Someone has stolen all her money.
Some men stole a bank last night.
Some men robbed a bank last night.

The object of steal is the thing taken by the thief, such as money, a watch, a bicycle, etc., while the object of rob is the person or place from whom (or which) the thing is taken, such as a man, a house, or a bank.

Please remind me to give it back.
Please remember me to give it back.

To remember is to have in mind: I remember what you told me. To remind is to make a person remember something.

I am persuaded of Robin's innocence.
I am convinced of Robin's innocence.

Persuade and convince have very similar meanings and are mostly interchangeable in modern English: Delia persuaded me to take the exam = Delia convinced me to take the exam. Except in the case of to be convinced of something meaning to believe something.

Care must be taken not to confuse persuade with pursued, the past tense of pursue (= to follow).

Graham taught us how to play hockey
Graham learned us how to play hockey.

Teach means to give instruction, learn means to receive instruction: He taught me English, and I learned it quickly

These flowers grow up very quickly.
These flowers grow very quickly.
When I grow I'll be a doctor.
When I grow up I'll be a doctor.

To grow means to become bigger, to grow up means to become an adult.

Other meanings of grow. to occur naturally in the ground: Rice grows in Egypt; to cause to grow: We grow flowers in our garden; to allow to grow: He grew a beard; to become: The nights grow cold in winter.

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