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I went to the baker's to buy bread.
I went to the baker's to take bread.

Never use take in the sense of buy.

Kathy always wears black shoes.
Kathy always puts on black shoes.
I put on my clothes in the morning.
I wear my clothes in the morning.

Wear means to have upon the body as a garment or as an ornament. To put on denotes a simple act.

To dress has nearly the same meaning as to put on, but the object of dress is a person and not a thing: He dressed himself and went out, The mother dressed her baby

I am convinced of Robin's innocence.
I am persuaded of Robin's innocence.

Persuade and convince have very similar meanings and are mostly interchangeable in modern English: Delia persuaded me to take the exam = Delia convinced me to take the exam. Except in the case of to be convinced of something meaning to believe something.

Care must be taken not to confuse persuade with pursued, the past tense of pursue (= to follow).

Let go of the other end of the string
Leave the other end of the string.

Leave isn't usually used in the sense of let go but you will hear the idiom leave go in very informal English to mean let go.

She wins her living by hard work.
She earns her living by hard work.

To earn means to receive in return for work, to win is to obtain as a result of fighting, competition, gambling, etc.

The verb to gain may be used with either meaning: to gain one's living or to gain a victory, a prize, etc.

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