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A friend of his told us the news.
A friend of him told us the news,

We use the double genitive (of + name + 's, his, mine etc) when we want to emphasise the person who possesses rather than the thing which he possesses. A friend of his is simply another way of saying one of his friends.

I was absent once or twice.
I was absent one time or two times.

Use once and twice instead of one time and two times.

I heard everything that he said.
I heard everything which he said.

Don't use the relative pronouns which and what after everything, all, something, anything, a lot, (not much), little, or nothing. We can use that after these words, or it can be omitted.

Lessons begin at half past eight.
Lessons begin at eight and a half.

In telling time, say half past one, half past two, half past three, etc.

David slept well and was better the next day.
David slept well and was better the other day.
Also possible:
David slept well and was better on the following day.

The other day is an idiom meaning a few days ago: I met an old friend the other day.


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Sorry, but you can't call to this user.