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Errori Comuni

Scegli l'opzione corretta
It's the best that I've seen.
It's the best which I've seen.

Use the relative that (not who, whom, or which) after a superlative. It can, however, be omitted.

The reason is that I believe it.
The reason is because I believe it.

The word reason denotes cause, therefore the reason is because is repetition. The correct idiom is the reason is that ...

At the end they reached the city.
In the end they reached the city.

In the end means finally or at last, at the end means at the farthest point or part: There's an index at the end of this book. There's a holiday at the end of this month.

Being in a hurry, he left the door open.
Being in a hurry, the door was left open.

Take care to provide the logical subject relating to the participle phrase. In the sentence given, the logical subject to being in a hurry is he and not the door.

I was absent one time or two times.
I was absent once or twice.

Use once and twice instead of one time and two times.