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Errori Comuni

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Neither of them went to school today.
Both of them didn't go to school today.

Change both into neither in a negative sentence and use a positive verb.

It's the best which I've seen.
It's the best that I've seen.

Use the relative that (not who, whom, or which) after a superlative. It can, however, be omitted.

Please give me another book.
Please give me one other book.

Another is formed from an and other, but instead of being written an other it's written as one word another.

English isn't easy to learn.
English isn't easy to be learned.

The adjectives easy, difficult, hard, heavy, good, etc., are generally followed by the active infinitive.

Any of these two books is good.
Either of these two books is good.

Either means one or the other of two; any means one of three or more: Any of these books will do.