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In the afternoon I stay home.
In the afternoon I stay at home.

Use the phrase at home to mean in the house. With such verbs as come or go no preposition is necessary: He wants to go home.

It's better to enjoy yourself when you're young rather than wasting time worrying about the future.
It's better to enjoy yourself when you're young than to waste time worrying about the future.

Don't mix one form of the verb with another. If the first verb in a comparison is in the infinitive, the second must also be in the infinitive.

Becky played a good game of chess.
Becky played a good play of chess.

Some verbs and nouns do have the same form and analogous meaning in English: The police fight a hard fight. Heather dreams long vivid dreams. If you lie the lie will catch you out! The company danced an African dance. However, we seldom use the same word like this. Usually we try to avoid it in some way: She fought a long battle with them. if you lie you will be caught out. The company did an African dance.

It was him.
It was he.

The pronoun coming after the verb to be must be in the nominative case, and not in the objective in written composition. However, the objective case is now usually used in conversation: It's me, lt was him/her/them, etc.

I come here for learning English.
I come here to learn English.

Express purpose by using the infinitive, not the gerund.