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Genel hatalar

Choose the correct option
She aimed on the target.
She aimed at the target.

Use the preposition at to denote direction: throw at, shout at, fire at, shoot at. Shoot (without the at) means to kill: He shot a bird (= he hit and killed it)

The man was trembling from cold.
The man was trembling from cold.

Also shake with and shiver with: The thief was shaking with fear.

The teacher is pleased from me.
The teacher is pleased with me.

We say pleased at or pleased with if an abstract noun or a clause follows: They were pleased at (or with) what he said; They were pleased at (or with) her results.

They're anxious for his health.
They're anxious about his health.


Anxious (= troubled) 


Anxious meaning wishing very much takes for. Parents are anxious for their children's success. 

I'll be glad to get rid from him.
I'll be glad to get rid of him.
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