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He plays regularly with that team.
He plays regularly for that team.
He exchanged his collection of matchboxes for some foreign stamps.
He exchanged his collection of matchboxes by some foreign stamps.

In exchange for: He gave them his old car in exchange for a new one.

He's very proud for his promotion.
He's very proud of his promotion.

We say take (a) pride in: A craftsman takes a pride in his work.

Angela was married to a rich man.
Angela was married with a rich man.

Also engaged to: Sally was engaged to Peter for a year before they got married.

Look at this beautiful picture.
Look to this beautiful picture.

Also gaze at, stare at, etc. But: look after (= take care of); look for (= try to find); look over (= examine); look into (= examine closely); look on or upon (= consider); look down on (= have a low opinion of), look up to (= respect); look out for (= expect); look forward to (= expect with pleasure); look to (= rely on)

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