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I hope he'll succeed at his work.
I hope he'll succeed in his work.

A person succeeds to a property, a title, or an office: Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne in 1952. Also one person can succeed another.

The teacher was angry with him.
The teacher was angry against him.

We get angry with a person but at a thing: We were angry at the weather (not: with the weather).

Also annoyed with, vexed with, indignant with a person, but at a thing.

We believe in God.
We believe to God.

To believe in means to have faith in. To believe (without the in) means to regard something as true: I believe everything he says.

He repented of his crime.
He repented from his crime.

Repentance takes for: He feels repentance for his sin.

Are you related with Simon in any way?
Are you related to Simon in any way?

Also relation to: Is he any relation to you?