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Errori Comuni

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I have great confidence to you.
I have great confidence in you.

In confidence: Let me tell you something in confidence (= as a secret)

Francis was glad about receiving your letter.
Francis was glad from receiving your letter.
He's now ashamed from his conduct.
He's now ashamed of his conduct.

It isn't correct to use ashamed of meaning shy. Ashamed means feeling shame or guilt about something. Shy means feeling nervous with someone. Instead of saying: I'm ashamed (or shamed) of my teacher, say: I'm shy of my teacher.

The mountains are covered by snow.
The mountains are covered with snow.
Also possible:
The mountains are covered in snow.
The teacher was angry with him.
The teacher was angry against him.

We get angry with a person but at a thing: We were angry at the weather (not: with the weather).

Also annoyed with, vexed with, indignant with a person, but at a thing.


Sory, but this user can't accept your call now.

Sorry, but you can't call to this user.