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She's not interested in her work.
She's not interested for her work.

Also take an interest in: She takes a great interest in music.

It depends from her.
It depends on her
Also possible:
It depends upon her

Rely on or upon. I can't rely on (or upon) him.

Phillipa was disappointed by the low mark she got in the test.
Phillipa was disappointed from the low mark she got in the test.
Also possible:
Phillipa was disappointed about/at the low mark she got in the test.
Jane was disappointed with her son.
Jane was disappointed from her son.
Also possible:
Jane was disappointed in her son.

Before a person we use with or in, before a thing we use at, about or by and before a gerund we use at; Keith is very disappointed at not winning the prize. We use that (optional before a new clause): I was disappointed (that) I didn't get an invitation.

I'm accustomed to hot weather.
I'm accustomed with hot weather.

 Also used to: He is used to the heat.

He lives from his brother's money
He lives on his brother's money

Feed on: Some birds feed on insects.