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Errori Comuni

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I divided the cake in four parts.
I divided the cake into four parts.

 A thing may be divided in half or in two: Paul divided the apple in half (or in two).

I'm accustomed to hot weather.
I'm accustomed with hot weather.

 Also used to: He is used to the heat.

He travelled by train yesterday.
He travelled with the train yesterday.

We say: by train, by boat, by plane, by bike; also, by land, by sea, by air, by bus; in a bus or on a bus; by car or in a car, by taxi or in a taxi; on horse-back, on a donkey, on a bicycle; on foot.

He always insisted to his opinion.
He always insisted on his opinion.

Persist takes in: He persisted in his silly Ideas.

The teacher is pleased from me.
The teacher is pleased with me.

We say pleased at or pleased with if an abstract noun or a clause follows: They were pleased at (or with) what he said; They were pleased at (or with) her results.