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Common mistakes

Choose the correct option
They're leaving to England soon.
They're leaving for England soon.
A year consists of twelve months.
A year consists from twelve months.

Take great care never to use consist in the passive form.

This is an exception to the rule.
This is an exception of the rule.

 We say with the exception of: She liked all her subjects with the exception of physics

He exchanged his collection of matchboxes for some foreign stamps.
He exchanged his collection of matchboxes by some foreign stamps.

In exchange for: He gave them his old car in exchange for a new one.

He travelled with the train yesterday.
He travelled by train yesterday.

We say: by train, by boat, by plane, by bike; also, by land, by sea, by air, by bus; in a bus or on a bus; by car or in a car, by taxi or in a taxi; on horse-back, on a donkey, on a bicycle; on foot.

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