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Поширені помилки

Choose the correct option
Laura is afraid from the dog.
Laura is afraid of the dog.
Harold was surprised at the loud bang
Harold was surprised for the loud bang.
Also possible:
Harold was surprised by the loud bang

Also astonished at/by, amazed at/by, alarmed at/by, puzzled at/by, shocked at/by.

The jar was full with oil.
The jar was full of oil.

Fill takes with: Jane filled the glass with water.

My sister is good at maths.
My sister is good in maths.

Bad at, clever at, quick at, slow at, etc. However, weak in: He's weak in grammar.

He's good in class means that his conduct is good. 

He exchanged his collection of matchboxes for some foreign stamps.
He exchanged his collection of matchboxes by some foreign stamps.

In exchange for: He gave them his old car in exchange for a new one.

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