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Choose the correct option
The bank manager was sitting at his desk.
The bank manager was sitting on his desk.

Also sit at a table. But on a chair, on a bench, on a sofa, etc.; in an arm-chair, in a tree or up a tree. A bird sometimes perches {= sits) on a tree

Will you pass by the post-office?
Will you pass from the post-office?

Also pass the post-office is correct.

She accused the man for stealing.
She accused the man of stealing.

Charge takes with: The man was charged with murder

Many people have died from malaria.
Many people have died of malaria.

People die of illness, of hunger, of thirst, of or from wounds; from overwork; by violence, by the sword, by pestilence; in battle; for their country, for a cause; through neglect; on the scaffold; at the stake.

The teacher is pleased from me.
The teacher is pleased with me.

We say pleased at or pleased with if an abstract noun or a clause follows: They were pleased at (or with) what he said; They were pleased at (or with) her results.

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