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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
I'm quite sure of her honesty.
I'm quite sure for her honesty.

Also certain of: I am quite certain of it.

I spend a lot of time on my computer.
I spend a lot of time for my computer.
I congratulate you for your success.
I congratulate you on your success.
Robert took his brother by the hand.
Robert took his brother from the hand.

Also: hold by, catch by, seize by, snatch by, grasp by.

Look at this beautiful picture.
Look to this beautiful picture.

Also gaze at, stare at, etc. But: look after (= take care of); look for (= try to find); look over (= examine); look into (= examine closely); look on or upon (= consider); look down on (= have a low opinion of), look up to (= respect); look out for (= expect); look forward to (= expect with pleasure); look to (= rely on)

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