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Choose the correct option
I've no doubt for his ability.
I've no doubt of his ability
Also possible:
I've no doubt about his ability

 Doubtful of: I am doubtful of his ability to pass.

I suspect Kate of stealing the pen.
I suspect Kate for stealing the pen.

Also suspicious of: Dogs are suspicious of strangers.

They're leaving for England soon.
They're leaving to England soon.
This is superior to that.
This is superior from that.

Also inferior to, junior to, senior to, subsequent to, prior to,

I've written the letter with ink.
I've written the letter in ink.

We use in when we are referring to the final work: The drawing was done in charcoal. Dora writes her letters in green ink. When we are referring to the instrument used we use with: The children are learning to write with a pen. Helen prefers to paint with a thin brush.

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