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Annette complained about the weather.
Annette complained for the weather.

When talking about illness we use complain of. We say: She complained of a sore throat.

We arrived at the village at night.
We arrived to the village at night.

Use arrive in with countries and large cities. Mr Smith has arrived in London (or New York, India, etc.)

The man was cured of his illness.
The man was cured from his illness.

The noun cure takes for There is no cure for that disease.

Look at this beautiful picture.
Look to this beautiful picture.

Also gaze at, stare at, etc. But: look after (= take care of); look for (= try to find); look over (= examine); look into (= examine closely); look on or upon (= consider); look down on (= have a low opinion of), look up to (= respect); look out for (= expect); look forward to (= expect with pleasure); look to (= rely on)

Robert took his brother from the hand.
Robert took his brother by the hand.

Also: hold by, catch by, seize by, snatch by, grasp by.

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