Вивчайте Справжню Англійську з фільмів та книг

Додавайте слова та фрази й практикуйтеся з іншими учнями.


Поширені помилки

Choose the correct option
The boy came in slowly.
The boy came in quietly.
What do you call this in English?
How do you call this in English?

If the question isn't about a thing, but about some expression, we'd say: How do you say this in English?

The pupil gave his exam.
The pupil took his exam.

The teacher gives or sets the exam. The student takes the exam or sits the exam.

I make my prayer before I go to bed.
I say my prayers before I go to bed.

To say grace is to ask God's blessing before beginning a meat .

You ought to make more exercise.
You ought to take more exercise.
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