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Errori Comuni

Choose the correct option
The pupil took his exam.
The pupil gave his exam.

The teacher gives or sets the exam. The student takes the exam or sits the exam.

We went for a walk on our bicycles.
We went for a ride on our bicycles.

We ride on a bicycle, on horseback, etc., but we ride in a bus, train, or other public vehicle.

What's the matter with you today?
What have you today?

What's wrong (with you)?, What's the trouble (with you)? and What's the problem? are also correct.

Fiona always tells the truth.
Fiona always says the truth.
Also possible:
Fiona always speaks the truth

Also to tell a lie (not to say a lie): He told me a lie.

Can you give a better example?
Can you bring a better example?

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