Impara il vero inglese da film e libri.

Aggiungi parole o frasi per imparare ed esercitati con altri studenti.


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How is Susan going with her work?
How is Susan getting on with her work?
Fiona always tells the truth.
Fiona always says the truth.
Also possible:
Fiona always speaks the truth

Also to tell a lie (not to say a lie): He told me a lie.

She makes herself that she knows.
She pretends to know.
I haven't seen him this morning.
I haven't seen him today morning.

Avoid today morning, today afternoon, today evening, yesterday night, this night. Say: this morning, this afternoon, this evening, last night, tonight.

My watch is two minutes slow.
My watch goes two minutes behind.

We can also say: My watch loses or gains.


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