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Поширені помилки

Choose the correct option
I don't like this kind of game.
I don't like these kind of games.
Also possible:
I don't like games of this kind.

The demonstrative word (this/that etc.) must agree with its noun. In the example, kind is singular and so this must agree with it.

The school builds good characters.
The school builds good character.

The plural form characters denotes the letters of the alphabet or the people in a book or play.

English are easier than German.
English is easier than German.

Names of languages are singular and always take a singular verb.

These errors are sometimes made by foreigners.
This errors are sometimes made by foreigners.

This changes to these if the noun that follows is in the plural.

Also avoid the use of this instead of the personal pronoun: John had the book but he gave this to his brother should be John had the book but he gave it to his brother.

I'm glad that the news is good.
I'm glad that the news are good.

News, though plural in form, always takes a singular verb. If only one thing is meant we say a piece or an item of news: This Is a good piece of news.

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