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Choose the correct option
You were very foolish to do that.
You was very foolish to do that.

Was is singular and were is plural, but with the pronoun you, even when it's singular in meaning, we always use were.

In conditions and wishes we can use were with the singular: If I were you, I'd go. I wish I were rich.

There was thunder and lightning.
There were thunders and lightnings.

When only one thing is meant we say a clap of thunder and a flash or bolt of lightning.

Tom has made great progresses.
Tom has made great progress.
Your cloth is very fashionable.
Your clothes are very fashionable.

Cloth, meaning the material of which clothes are made, is singular, and has a plural form cloths (without the e): She cleaned the table with a cloth, Merchants sell different kinds of cloths.

The number of pupils is increasing.
The number of pupils are increasing.
A number of pupils are absent today.
A number of pupils is absent today.

When we precede number by the it denotes a unit and is singular. When it's preceded by a it means several or many and is plural.

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