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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
I haven't seen him today morning.
I haven't seen him this morning.

Avoid today morning, today afternoon, today evening, yesterday night, this night. Say: this morning, this afternoon, this evening, last night, tonight.

The pupil gave his exam.
The pupil took his exam.

The teacher gives or sets the exam. The student takes the exam or sits the exam.

Please turn on the light.
Please open the light.
Also possible:
Please switch on the light.

We light, blow out or put out a lamp, a candle, or a fire

How do you call this in English?
What do you call this in English?

If the question isn't about a thing, but about some expression, we'd say: How do you say this in English?

They got off their horses.
They came down from their horses.

We get out of a taxi or a car. We get on or off the train, the bus, etc

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Sory, but this user can't accept your call now.

Sorry, but you can't call to this user.