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Common mistakes

Choose the correct option
Shall we go there with the feet?
Shall we go there on foot?
We went for a ride on our bicycles.
We went for a walk on our bicycles.

We ride on a bicycle, on horseback, etc., but we ride in a bus, train, or other public vehicle.

What have you today?
What's the matter with you today?

What's wrong (with you)?, What's the trouble (with you)? and What's the problem? are also correct.

Please open the light.
Please turn on the light.
Also possible:
Please switch on the light.

We light, blow out or put out a lamp, a candle, or a fire

Did you follow the game?
Did you see the game?
Also possible:
Did you watch the game?

Avoid saying to follow the lesson when you mean to attend the class.

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