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Nas – Blunt Ashes tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Blunt Ashes - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się


Yo I wonder if Langston Hughes and Alex Hailey got blazed before they told stories,

Well I'm gonna get blazed before I tell y'all stories,

I saw on TV today this man lost his son, his son died,

So he had him cremated, took his ashes, and made it into a diamond ring

Now he watch his son shine everyday,

I just thought about that, while I sit here ashin in this ash tray

[Verse 1:]

The makin' of a mad man who entered stories of Devante Swing,

Eva Gardner, the crashin of James Dean,

Bobby Brown, influenced by Rick James it goes,

Prince wanted Alexander O' Neill to be Morris Day or Jerome,

But Alex was puttin' coke in his nose nigga while it,

Could be a myth but I swear that the source was close, Phyllis Hyman,

Killed himself it was crazy, mommy was bad, they say,

Donny Hathaway freefall from a balcony, he sways


As a blunt ash falls into the ashtray, I can see my whole life fly past me,

Did I (Did I) keep it gangsta or keep it classy, and will the money and fame outlast me,

The blunt's ash fall down in the ash tray, will I see my whole life fly past me,

I'm askin did I keep it gangsta or keep it classy, (did I) anything else you wanna know, just ask me.

[Verse 2:]