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Nas – Carry On Tradion tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Carry On Tradion - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się

Niggas wanna talk about this rap shit... Niggas wanna talk

about this money... 'Bout these cars... these homes... these

labels, clothes, sneakers... Big money shit... Now e'erybody

tryna get rich... Then get rich nigga fuck it

[Verse 1:]

Some rap pioneers be them crack heads, when they speak

You see missin' teeth, silver chain wit' a silver piece

Niggas ya grandfather age

They pants still hangin' down they leg talkin' 'bout they ain't paid

And they hate you 'cause they say you ain't paid dues

And - was stealin' and robbin' 'em

I feel it's a problem we gotta resolve

Hip-Hop been dead, we the reason it died

Wasn't Sylvia's fault or 'cause MC's skills are loss

It's 'cause we can't see ourselves as a boss

Deep rooted through slavery, self hatred

The Jewish stick toegther, friends in high places

We on some low level shit

We don't want niggas to ever win, see everybody got a label

Everybody's a rapper but few flow fatal

It's fucked up it all started from two turntables


When they crown you, and you rise up

To ya position, carry on tradition

When they knight you, and you go to fight, go to war

Don't petition, carry on tradition