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Nas – Life We Chose tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Life We Chose - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się


To my niggaz.. huh..

We all we got..

Let's hold it down though, y'know?

However it's gon' go down

This what we gotta deal with, y'know?


[Chorus: Nas]

It's the life we chose, where friends become foes

and the dough'll get you killed quicker than you know

This is the life we chose, bring fake snakes and hoes

and the only way out, is death or goin broke

This the life we chose, ain't too many happy endings

That's why there ain't too many happy niggaz in it

And I'll admit it, this life is fucked up but yo..

(but yo..) this life is the only life I know [echoes]


Uhh, uhh, uhh

Gold bathtubs, makin love to my Queen

Get my back rubbed, Chardonnay, rollin up green

Statues, marble floors, rare paintings on my wall

My lifestyle's like the Forbes Magazine

Closets, full of rockets and submachines

Take this nigga out the projects, and his thug team

Yo we cruise past street lights, ill rides

Mr. Child both coasts with the most loud toast

Calicos roast y'all folks, keep y'all dyin

Cause it's hard to fuck around when we dealin with science

My enemies got money, so y'all should watch how I play it

They never know we enemies until they hear me say it

Til they kid's on the phone sayin, "Please daddy pay it"

Til they brain's on the floor, mixed on the pavement