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Nas – Let There Be Liht tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Let There Be Liht - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się

feat. Tré Williams)

[Verse 1:]

...Let there be light

No gangbanging in New York tonight

Just murals of Biggie Smalls bigger than life

Turn up the kid mic because ya'll anit listening right

What's all this talk that Nas got hawked?

I'd rather outline my body in white chalk

Anit nobody been where I been they at standstill

This is all overseen by man Will


As I walk through the valley of shadow of death

I know that I ain't got much time left

And they don't really wanna see the good in me

Ain't satisfied until they see the fool in me

And all my business all my sin is straight ??

and thank the hood for all the love they gave

Forgive em all for all in this to hate

ohhh let their be light

[Verse 2:]

This anit to glorify just painting a street picture

There's no goddess or bibles just blunts and swishers

Gillette's cut caine in the kitchen

Now every rapper wanna claim he hang with Kenneth “Supreme” Griffin

It's like the same difference except when nigga's get arraigned

They don't want the same sentence, nigga's get to snitching