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Nas – Play On Playa tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Play On Playa - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się

(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Verse 1: Nas]

Uh, light somethin', stop frontin'

how much money's enough, think maybe like a trillion' figures

pray my daughter don't wild like them Hilton sisters, that'd kill me yo, filthy rich, my daughter pass it on to the next generation, throwin' carnations at my tombstone, in my new home, meet mom's in my east saint laron suit on, then we do a dance like my man luther dan, but my verse came first, i stole change out her purse, now i wanna dig her up outta the earth, two more but lean forward, to war a new paragraph, blue carrots, D-class, strictly that cush in the weed bags, tryna' figure out what Barry Gordie (?) had, put in production, studio's smokey now, hard like Davin Ruffin, hit a spliff through a seance, and uh, play on playa