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Nas – Stillmatic (The Intro) tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Stillmatic (The Intro) - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się

Uh, you know I still run with that, that blood of a slave

Boiling in my veins

It's just hot until a nigga can't take it no more

Blood of a slave, Heart of a King

Turn my voice up

Ayo, the brother is "Stillmatic"

I crawled up out of that grave, wiping the dirt, cleaning my shirt

They thought I'll make another "Illmatic"

But it's always forward I'm moving

Never backwards stupid here's another classic

C-Notes is falling from the sky

By now the credits roll starring Nas executive poet, produced, directed by

The Kid slash Escobar

Narration describes the lives and laws tribes in the ghetto trying to survive

The feature opens with this young black child

Finger scratch, cigarette burns on the sofa, turning the TV down